Who the hell are these people?

Our Mantra: Eat less meat. The truck was born simply because more people HAVE to start eating less meat, for the planet, their health, and the lil homies (animals.) We know how incredibly hard it is to give up something that has been apart of your daily life for so long, so that's not our goal. However exchanging one, or a few, of your meals with a vegan version does a huge service to the planet, and yourself. We recreate meals that don't make you miss meat, that give you the flavors and textures that you enjoy, that remind you of the food you grew up eating and would like to continue to enjoy. We make as much as we can gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and refined sugar-free. In fact, the things that may contain these items are labeled as such, rather than the other way around. Nothing that could trigger a reaction goes in our fryers, so you can feel safe with what you order from us. If you have a certain allergy just let us know so we can make sure you are fully taken care of. I hope you enjoy our food as much as we enjoy making it.


Doing our part

We refuse to compromise on quality at our food truck. That's why we source our fresh organic ingredients from local farmers' markets as often as we can. After all, these are the same farmer's markets we started at. We don't like trash cans, so we have a compost bin and a recycling container. The majority of our waste is compostable, down to the forks you eat with. And we challenge our vendors to use reusable crates, and to deliver our goods in as little (if any) plastic as possible.


Do you know someone who could use a meal? Please come by truck and ask for a Veggie Gang Meal. We try and have something all the time, sometimes we may run out. If you would like to donate fresh veggies or products/funds to support these meals please send us a message and we would be happy to accept your support!


We always offer a veggie gang meal (free meal to someone in need) on the truck and we will also have a PWYC (pay what you can) option available. These offerings may change, but will be available always. This helps our vegan food remain accessible to marginalized communities and removes the stigma that vegan food is only for those who can afford it. We make as much of our food as we can in house and small batch, and use quality products, often locally sourced and organic (we cannot guarantee this year round so we choose to not advertise as such)


Veggie Gang Meals

Our corporation, Veggie Gang LLC, is starting a nonprofit to donate plant-based meals to the community. We serve fresh and delicious plant-based food.

Donate Food

Fresh Healthy veggies, fruits, and grains. The only canned good we accept are beans (garbanzo, black, etc.) For everything else, we would appreciate fresh or flash frozen. We want everyone to have access to nutrient-packed meals. Vegan snacks are also appreciated!

Donate Goods

We also would love to accept items such as Backpacks, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products, new or gently used clothes, blankets, pillows, toiletries, notebooks, art supplies, craft materials (anything else that will brighten up someone's day.)

Donate Time

Do you want to volunteer? Send us a message and once the Rona subsides a little, we'd love to have your helping hands. Can you offer a service? Do you know how to cut or style hair, can you provide medical assistance, can you help the homeless community by providing them a service? Then set up with us, please!


Thank You Dassit.

A quick word of thanks for being here!


Your contribution will enable us to support our employees and continue operations to eventually open our storefront brick and mortar location! We are very grateful for your generosity. Any donations received above our goal go directly to our non-profit organizations and feeding the community.